Ardley ERF

Reducing landfill waste in Oxfordshire

The facility began operation in 2014, treating about 326,300 tonnes of non-recyclable waste each year. It diverts at least 95% of Oxfordshire’s residual municipal waste away from landfill and generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of 59,616 homes.

Ardley ERF has been built as part of our 25 year contract for residual waste treatment signed with Oxfordshire County Council in March 2011. As well as treating household waste on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, the facility also receives residual waste from businesses and other local authorities helping them to divert their waste away from landfill. 

More about our Energy Recovery Facility

Ardley ERF is conveniently located near Bicester in Oxfordshire, just off the M40 motorway and was built next to an existing landfill site. In April 2014 we announced the closure of this landfill site after 35 years so that non-recyclable waste can be used as a resource at the ERF instead.

Engaging with the wider community about the need for energy recovery technology, working in partnership with the waste hierarchy to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, is important. At Ardley ERF we have built a visitor centre to encourage people to learn more about the process. Our visitor centre manager, a qualified teacher, runs educational visits for schools and groups.

Working with our community

As part of our dedication to keeping the community up-to-date with activities at the facility we operate a local liaison group at Ardley ERF which is attended by the local authority, local councillors, the Environment Agency, local community representatives and site management. The group meets every three months. Contact us for more information.

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