Viridor Energy

Viridor Energy

Transforming residual waste into vital energy

As the UK moves towards a sustainable circular economy model, Viridor is playing a key role by delivering energy from society’s waste.

Energy is a vital resource needed to support our everyday lives, from lighting entire cities to simply boiling a kettle. Energy can be recoverein two different ways, either via combustion or gas.  

Viridor Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) around the country are working hard combusting non-recyclable waste, turning it into energy. Some of our ERFs even have Combined Heat and Power which uses their excess steam to provide heating and hot water to local homes and businesses. 

Empowering people and communities by seeing waste as a resource.

Our energy operations are complemented by our Energy Services team.  As well as providing energy management across Viridor’s facilities, they also offer advice to Independent Energy Generators and Local Authorities on energy management, contracts, subsidies and renewables. 

So at Viridor, we are at the heart of energy production harnessing precious resources from the things that you sort into your bins every day