Exeter ERF

Exeter Energy Recovery Facility (ERF)

Exeter Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) has been operational since July 2014. It operates under a partnership with Devon County Council and safely diverts about 60,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste away from landfill from households within Exeter and the surrounding area each year to create valuable low carbon energy.

Energy produced by the waste treatment process is used to operate the facility and the excess electricity is fed into the National Grid. In total, the facility produces 24GWh of electricity and exports enough energy to supply around 6,624 homes. Exeter ERF also has the potential to run an additional district heating scheme giving further benefit to the local economy.

The facility also includes an education room to enable local schools and community groups to view the recovery process and understand more about recycling and energy recovery.

Further information

24 GWh
Energy produced
60000 Tonnes
Materials processed
6624 Homes
Equivalent powered