Viridor and TOMRA collaborate on Scottish deposit return scheme project

Viridor and TOMRA have formed a partnership which brings extensive recycling expertise and experience together in a bid for the design, build and operation of the Scottish deposit return scheme (DRS) counting and sorting centres.

Deposit return schemes for beverage containers play a vital part in preventing littering and driving sustainable recycling outcomes in more than 40 jurisdictions worldwide. It is acknowledged as a highly effective way to secure high community participation and high return rates. The deposit, being reimbursed in full, offers a financial incentive for consumers to return used containers for recycling.


The counting and sorting centres represent a critical part of the infrastructure required to underpin the efficient and accurate function of the DRS. Viridor is one of the UK’s  biggest recycling and resource management companies with significant Scottish investments and TOMRA is a recycling infrastructure company operating across more than 80 global markets.


Viridor and TOMRA believe that Scotland has demonstrated a leadership position in the development of a circular economy through the DRS initiative. This policy will drive collection rates on drinks containers to levels in excess of 90%, reducing littering and contributing to net zero climate goals, when introduced in 2022.


Director of Business Development (Polymers) Luke Burgess said: “Viridor, has a long history of investing in Scottish recycling infrastructure, and the DRS offers the opportunity to supplement that investment and contribute to green job creation and the development of a truly circular economy. We are delighted to build on our relationship with TOMRA, the world leader in the provision of equipment for deposit return schemes, to work with Scotland to develop a smooth transition to a sustainable future.


“TOMRA has extensive global experience in operating counting and sorting facilities and the partnership will add this to Viridor’s experience of working with Scotland to deliver its recycling, resource management and wider environmental goals. This experience and commitment to the goals of the Scottish circular economy means we have a very strong offering to make. The successful implementation of DRS in Scotland is of paramount importance if we are to reach the recycling goals of the Plastics Pact, a target that Viridor, a founding member of the Pact, is committed to helping to achieve.”


TOMRA Collection Solutions UK & Ireland Managing Director Truls Haug said: “The TOMRA Viridor partnership is formed under the shared vision to facilitate a modern, cost-effective and best practice Scottish deposit return system, acting as a catalyst for sustainable recycling outcomes, delivering key sorting and counting centre services to the deposit operator. Our partnership forms a unique and complementary mix of global and UK-based experience, enabling a compelling ‘fit-for-purpose’ service offer – which if accepted could be deployed in due time for scheme commencement. We are inspired by the progress made to date and the opportunity ahead of us.”

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