We are resourceful. We are sustainable. We have the solutions.

Waste need not be wasted. At Viridor we believe there is another way... a world without waste. 

We strive to develop and deliver innovative ways to reduce, reuse, recycle or recover energy from the things that you sort into your bins every day.  

As sector leaders, we take pride in our growing and pivotal role in the UK’s drive towards sustainability, empowering communities with the provision of a more circular economy.  

By combining the industry-defining expertise of our people, the multi-million-pound innovation of our technologies, and our collaborative approach with networks and partners, Viridor is well-placed to help bring to life the shared vision of us all – a more sustainable future. 

In fact, even our name comes from the Latin ‘to become green’. 

We endeavour to provide sustainable answers to the question of ‘how to achieve a zero waste society’, through innovation, education, investment and with a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our people.