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Visit a Viridor Energy Recovery Facility during the UK’s largest Culture and Heritage Celebration

15th August 2018

Viridor is inviting the public to put on a hard-hat and discover how waste is transformed into energy during this year's national Heritage Open Days.

The company will be opening three Energy Recovery Facilities across a range of dates in September to highlight the positive impact they make in the communities they serve.

Viridor’s Head of Community Relations, Alan Hyde, said: “We hope visitors enjoy this close-up view of the process which, across the three sites we are opening, generates enough energy to power 125,000 homes, all the households in Oxford twice over. “Many people don’t think about what happens to their waste once they’ve put out their bin for collection, but energy recovery plays a very important role in the communities they operate, diverting local waste away from landfill while creating energy for the National Grid.

Energy Recovery Facilities are part of a £1.7billion investment in environmental infrastructure in the UK. Visitors will learn more about what can be reused, reduced or recycled, helping the public to put the right stuff in the right bin.

The Energy Recovery Facilities which will offer behind-the-scenes tours are:

Ardley Energy Recovery Facility in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on Saturday and Sunday 8-9 September. 

In a further dose of heritage, 160-million-year-old dinosaur tracks surround the facility, making it the first Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designated by Natural England for its geological features alone. As a tribute to this past, the reception area proudly displays the fearsome ‘ ‘Megawattosaurus’ – a life-size model dinosaur upcycled from waste materials recovered from the Household Recycling Centre.

Peterborough Energy Recovery Facility on Thursday – Saturday 6-8 September. Book by phoning 0173 3465513

The facility diverts 95% of Peterborough’s waste away from landfill and helps strive Peterborough towards its zero-waste ambitions. Completed in 2015, it is one of the most efficient of its kind in the UK. 

Lakeside Energy from Waste in Colnbrook, near Slough, on 15 – 16 September. 

The award-winning site generates enough energy to power all the homes in Slough and is a joint venture between Viridor and Grundon Waste Management. The Lakeside Energy from Waste complex is placed just off the M25, close to Heathrow airport.

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