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Viridor welcomes Government’s new Resources & Waste Strategy

19th December 2018

Viridor, the largest UK-owned resources and waste company, has welcomed the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy as an important policy framework to guide future investment.

This investment is crucial to the delivery of recycling and reprocessing infrastructure to match UK recycling ambitions.

Phil Piddington, Managing Director of Viridor and Chairman of the Environmental Services Association, said: “We welcome the direction set out in the strategy and are pleased that the Government has listened to much of our and the wider industry’s representations.

“We are pleased to see the adoption of the ‘producer pays’ principle to cover the costs of recycling, steps to get plastics producers to include more recycled content in their products, and recognition of the role energy recovery plays in a balanced system.

“A more consistent approach to council collections and further measures to combat waste crime are also very welcome.

“This blueprint for the future helps to provide greater certainty for planned investment.  Viridor will continue to play a leading role in support of the UK’s resource and energy efficiency goals, putting more recycled material back into a low carbon, circular economy.”

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