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Viridor signs 12-month total waste contract with Flagship Group

21st February 2018

Viridor has signed a 12-month total waste management contract with the Flagship Group – a company which provides homes for affordable market rent and sale across the East of England –  covering a territory the size of Wales.

Viridor Commercial Manager (East and Central) Victoria Waterhouse said the contract covered dry mixed recycling, wood, cardboard, plasterboard, hazardous and inert waste and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the East Anglia area.

Viridor is responsible for bin services at Flagship’s offices and premises, skip roll on and roll off services and the direct tipping of waste into transfer stations.

Victoria added: “This partnership is a prime example of how a national company like Viridor can apply a local solution to a company’s specific waste needs and tailor a contract accordingly.

“The contract gives the Flagship Group a sustainable waste solution which is supported by our state-of-the-art energy recovery facilities at Peterborough and Ardley.”

 The Flagship Group’s visit to Ardley Energy Recovery Centre

To learn more about Viridor and to understand what happens to residual waste (that which cannot be recycled), members of the Flagship Group team visited Ardley and Peterborough ERFs to learn more about energy from waste.

Flagship Group Head of Procurement Narinder Chahal said the company was very pleased to have Viridor partner it and provide a broad range of waste management services across the group’s footprint in East Anglia.

He added: “During the tender process Viridor’s professionalism and expertise was evident and we look forward to utilising them in order to support the Flagship Group’s drive towards making a positive contribution to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

“I have visited Viridor’s energy recovery facility in Peterborough and witnessed its impressive operation first hand and it certainly was an education to be walked and talked through the cycle.”

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