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Viridor shows how non-recyclable waste becomes electricity at Heritage Open Days

20th August 2019

Discover how Viridor uses waste which cannot be recycled to create electricity when the company opens its doors to the public in September as part of the National Trust’s Heritage Open Days.

The Viridor 2018 Recycling Index found four in 10 members of the public think all their recyclable and non-recyclable waste ends up at the same place.

Viridor’s Learning and Visitor Centre Manager Jess Baker-Pike said: “This year’s theme of ‘People Power’ aligns with our values. Ensuring that we recycle as much waste as we can and give non-recyclable waste a purpose with energy recovery, is a partnership. Which is why we ask residents to put the Right Stuff in the Right Bin.

 “Viridor’s energy recovery facility tours are positioned not only to show the transformation of non-recyclable waste into an energy resource, but to empower people with the information so they can see waste as Viridor does – as a resource and not rubbish.”

Energy recovery plays a very important role in the community, diverting local waste away from landfill while creating energy which can be directed to National Grid. The energy recovery facilities which will take part in Heritage Open Days include:

Ardley Energy Recovery Facility in Bicester, Oxfordshire, on 14-15 September. At Ardley, 160-million-year-old dinosaur tracks surround the facility. Part of the site is designated by Natural England as a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) for its geological features.

Peterborough Energy Recovery Facility on 13-20 September, which diverts 95% of Peterborough’s waste away from landfill and helps Peterborough work towards its zero-waste ambitions.

Lakeside Energy from Waste in Colnbrook, near Slough, on 21 – 22 September, which generates enough energy to power all the homes in Slough. The facility is a joint venture between Grundon Waste Management and Viridor.

Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility on 14-15 September, is the largest energy recovery facility in Wales. It handles 350 000 tonnes of residual waste annually, and generates 250 GWh of electricity for the National Grid.

Tours can be booked by searching ‘Viridor’ on Eventbrite. Tours for Peterborough are booked directly by phoning 01733465513.

For further information please contact: