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Viridor and SEPA discuss Scotland’s glass resource at Newhouse glass recycling facility

03rd August 2018

Viridor and its parent company Pennon have hosted SEPA Chief Executive Officer Terry A’Hearn at the company’s £25 million Scottish glass recycling facility at Newhouse, the UK’s most advanced glass plant, designed to help drive Scotland’s circular economy.

Mr A’Hearn was given a tour of the plant which features advanced recycling technology from across the globe. The centre encompasses some 15 ‘scientific eye’ optical sorters, x-ray sorters, over ½ km of conveyor belts and 2.5km of electrical cabling across three floors of processing towers.

Ed Mitchell, Director of Environment for Viridor’s parent company, Pennon, met Mr A’Hearn for discussions which focused on the opportunities and challenges of Scotland’s ambitious circular economy and how to co-operate and collaborate on retaining more of Scotland’s glass resource in the country.

Mr Mitchell said: “It was useful for Pennon and Viridor to meet SEPA at our Newhouse facility, a site designed to offer a closed loop glass recycling solution for local authorities, businesses and the whisky and beverage supply chain, and discuss the role of a 21st century environmental protection agency  in supporting circularity and sustainable growth.”

Ahead of SEPA’s soon-to-be-published whisky sector plan, Viridor’s role as a critical supplier to the Scotch whisky sector was noted along with the Scotch Whisky Association’s new sustainability strategy and commitment to enhanced recycled content.

Mr A’Hearn said: “Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment, helping communities and businesses thrive within the resources of our planet. We call this One Planet Prosperity. SEPA is committed to realising the environmental and economic opportunity of Scotland’s globally ambitious circular economy package in which more recycled content is retained in Scotland.”

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