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£5.3M boost for local businesses from Viridor as Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre gathers pace

27th June 2018
  • 340 people employed on site
  • £5.3m spent within 30 miles of site
  • Avonmouth firms contracted for major works
  • ‘Meet the Buyer’ event attracted 30 businesses
  • Converting 320,000 of non-recyclable waste into low carbon energy
  • Creating enough electricity (34MW) to power 44,000 homes

UK recycling and renewable energy company Viridor has spent £5.3 million so far with local businesses within 30 miles of the £252 million Resource Recovery Centre in Avonmouth.

The Taunton-based company has been working with local contractors including PMS, GAP Hire Solutions, Hanson and B&A on the construction of the Avonmouth centre which will use environmentally sustainable technology to divert 320,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste away from landfill.

Viridor Managing Director Phil Piddington said: “As part of Viridor’s Resource Recovery Centre construction we have been clear that working with local businesses is at the heart of establishing ourselves as a responsible neighbour. It is not just during the construction phase of these projects that local suppliers can benefit, we will require support throughout the life of the facility.”

In line with Viridor and its construction partners commitment to supporting the local economy, some of the suppliers were sourced directly from Viridor’s ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in Bristol last July, attended by more than 30 companies interested in being involved.

Construction on site started in summer 2017 and, when operational, the facility will be able to convert 320,000 tonnes of non-hazardous industrial waste which would otherwise go to landfill each year into renewable energy.

When operational Viridor will generate around 34MW of low carbon energy, enough electrical power to supply 44,000 homes, the equivalent of a population larger than the city of Bath.

Aerial view of how the Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre will look

A third of the available capacity of this new facility will be being taken up from Somerset County Council by diverting waste which is currently transported to three landfill sites.

Hallen-based B&A Group is supplying more than 200,000 tonnes of recycled aggregates to help build the facility, with its highly experienced transport team ensuring the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Ashley Bruno, B&A Group’s recycling aggregate sales manager said: ‘‘We are delighted to be working with Viridor on its resource recovery centre here at Avonmouth. B&A being local means we can respond quickly to progress on site and are alive to local issues around moving materials and being considerate operators.’’

Viridor’s Avonmouth Project Manager, Helen Moon, added: “Viridor and its construction partners are committed to supporting local businesses, who are a key part of building strong foundations for our resource recovery centre. We have been on site now for over a year and has established strong links with local businesses is paying dividends, and is setting us up well for the next phases of construction, when progress will be clear for everyone to see.”

Construction works on site are progressing well, with the bunker walls approaching 20 metres in height and the steelwork to support the boiler currently being erected.  Over the summer months, the process equipment will start to arrive and be lifted into place.

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