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Trident Park inspires learning outside the classroom in Cardiff

28th May 2016

Every day the Trident Park Energy Recovery Facility transforms non-recycled waste from nine local councils into vital renewable energy and part of the facility is dedicated to welcoming the local community and school children from across South Wales to learn about how unwanted waste can become a resource and now over 2000 people have been through the doors.

The £223m Energy Recovery Facility process 350,000 tonnes of unwanted material each year and the educational facility has now been awarded the nationally recognised Learning Outside the Classroom certification, for displaying excellence in offering an alternative forum for educating students away from the school environment alongside a world-class facility that generates 30MW of electricity for the national grid, that is enough to power around 50,000 households.

Cllr Bob Derbyshire Cabinet Member for Cardiff and Chair of Prosiect Gwyrdd Joint Committee said: “We congratulate Viridor staff at Trident Park’s education and visitor centre on their award and we greatly value the role they play in educating residents about renewable energy. As the lead authority in Prosiect Gwyrdd we facilitated the development of this plant which converts non-recyclable waste into thirty megawatts of renewable energy every year and allows 5 local authorities to reduce to almost zero what they send to landfill. We fully recommend residents visit this education centre and learn about the importance of energy recovery.”

Ross Clifford, Trident Park’s Education and Visitor Centre Manager added: “Since we opened the Visitor Centre we have welcomed nearly 2000 people through the door and have received very positive feedback with the over-riding view that they find the experience informative, enjoyable and engaging. It is amazing to see children develop their understanding of how things that they put in their bin can be transformed into energy. It’s also worth pointing out that the outreach sessions we offer are also very well-received, and in 2015/16 we engaged with just under 2000 participants.”

If you would be interested in visiting the Trident Park ERF to learn about powering Wales from the contents of your bin, please contact us

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