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Leadership lessons from Welsh resource boost

24th August 2016

Viridor has today called on the UK to look to the leadership shown by Welsh Government and local authorities who today announced a boost in Welsh recycling and landfill diversion performance.

Based on provisional data released by Welsh Government, the 2015/16 average combined reuse, recycling and composting rate across Wales’ 22 local authorities was 60%, an increase of 4 percentage points on last year’s figure. The figure is also 2% higher than ambition Welsh statutory recycling targets of 58%.

Dan Cooke, Director of External Affairs, said:

“Recycling is a real UK success story. We’ve made really strong progress across the UK in the last decade, led by Wales moving from single digit recycling to 60%.

“That success in recycling and generating renewable energy from what remains is down in no small way to the leadership shown by Welsh Government, local authorities and their willingness to tell the story of resource efficiency and why it matters. Why it matters environmentally, and why it matters economically in terms of investment, green jobs and skills.

“We’re delighted to stand firm with Welsh Government, through our £223m flagship investment at Cardiff ERF and on the next challenge of ensuring more recycling and residual waste from households and businesses remains in Wales to further boost the Welsh economy.”

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