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Cafe Viridor Recycles Coffee Cups

12th September 2016

With one of Europe’s largest sustainability events set to get underway today (13th September) in Birmingham, Café Viridor – the social hub of RWM will for the first time recycle all the disposable coffee cups collected during the event.

Viridor worked with event organisers and, as a result, RWM is aiming to become the first UK exhibition to partner with Simply Cups, the UK’s only disposable coffee cup recycler, which will ensure that all cups used during the exhibition at the NEC on 13-15 September are recycled.

Dozens of waste points will available to separately collect waste liquid and cups, as well as bins for plastic cups and lids to be recycled.

Recycling laminated paper coffee cups involves pulping the cup in water to separate the polyethylene layer from the paper fibre.

Nicola Meadows, RWM Event Director, said:

“From top campaigners to industry associations, the hospitality sector and the public, are all demanding more to be done to close the loop on single-use coffee cups. We feel the RWM event is the perfect place to lead the way for future exhibitions in the UK.

“As event organisers, it is imperative that we not only deliver a show with great content on recycling solutions and resource efficiency, but that we also ensure our operations are aligned with these goals.

“We hope that our commitment to the Global Goals project by recycling 100% of the cups at our event will inspire other organisers and exhibitions to do the same.”

Simply Cups plans to recycle six million coffee cups annually by the end of 2016.

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