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Peterborough ERF Commissioning Update: Steam Blowing

06th August 2015

LATEST UPDATE FROM SITE – Friday 28 August @ 0800

Peterborough ERF is currently in commissioning phase. As part of that process we will be conducting refractory dry out and boiler flushing. This is a one-off process during commissioning only to ensure that the furnace can operate at the level required for operational conditions.

This procedure involves firing the burners using low sulphur diesel (<0.1% sulphur content) and slowly building the heat up within the boiler. On reaching approx. 350oC, the temperature is held in stages for 46 hours, after which it is slowly reduced and the burners are turned off, completing the process.

This procedure may create a darkish plume of smoke from the stack. This is a normal part of the commissioning process only and will not form part of normal operations.

During initial testing of the boiler the burners heat up the boiler water drum and the water that circulates through the boiler wall tubes. Steam from this process may be visible from the boiler hall zone of the plant. This is also a normal part of the commissioning process and will not form part of normal operations.

Steam blowing commenced on Saturday 22 August and was successfully completed on Wednesday 26 August. This was required to clean out the internals of the steam pipes following the construction process. Steam blowing will also produce a visible plume of steam and can be a noisy process consisting of a loud rumbling noise. The blowing process will involve three single blows each day, one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the afternoon, including the weekend.

Steam blowing is a standard and safe process that is part of the commissioning process only.

Any changes to the dates and timing of the steam blowing will be published on this website as soon as they are confirmed.

The first delivery of waste to the facility was received on Friday 21 August and the first burn is scheduled to commence over the weekend.

Should anyone have any concerns about the facility or operations at the site, please contact 07502 430504.

For further information please contact: