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Budget crack down on waste criminals

18th March 2015

Viridor today (18th March 2015) welcomed the announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to crack down on waste criminals whilst noting the missed opportunity to support an industry at a critical point of inflection.

Dan Cooke, Director of External Affairs, Viridor, said:

“Europe has thrown away old thinking about waste and is recognising its value as a resource. With the general election fast approaching, today’s budget offers only limited recognition of the opportunities a modern resource sector can bring.

“Britain urgently needs to resource the fight against rising waste crime which threatens the sector’s development and our economic and environmental interests. Today’s announcement of a one-off increase in Environment Agency funding to crack down on waste criminals is therefore welcome indeed. But waste crime isn’t a one-off quick win and needs sustained support and resourcing.

“With the sector at a point of inflexion, the budget was a missed opportunity to support the next wave of infrastructure investment needed to create 50,000 new jobs, deliver resources for UK manufacturing, enhance UK resource and energy security and skill a new generation of engineers and scientists.”


Landfill Communities Fund value

The value of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) for 2015-16 will be set at £59.4m, with the cap on contributions by landfill operators amended to 5.7%

The value of the LCF reflects devolution of Landfill Tax to Scotland from 1 April 2015 and the ongoing high levels of unspent LCF funds.

The saving from the LCF will be used to fund a one-off £4.2m increase in Environment Agency funding to address waste crime. (bc)

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