MRW Column: milk, mandatory minimums and momentum for a circular economy.

In the latest of his thought leader column’s for the UK resource sector’s leading journal, MRW, Director of Viridor Resource Management Herman Van Der Meij looks at milk, mandatory minimums and momentum for a circular economy.

The Jonas Blog : Too much or too little?

One of the sad things about this great industry is that we cannot agree on some of the basic facts. This lack of clear and consistent information makes investments, generally needed from outside the industry, difficult to justify. When investors seek assurances on data assumptions, there isn’t any, there are only conflicting...

The Jonas blog : Achieving 50% recycling by 2020

Hitting the ‘big 5-0’ by 2020 is looking touch and go based upon the past couple of years’ performance and the sector-specific trends that are starting to emerge. We are still obsessed with weight: we have to be, we have been brought up this way. We measure cost and obligations by weight, we measure vehicle payload this way, and our...

Chance to set policy on the right path

Herman Van Der Meij, Managing Director of Viridor Resource Management, writes exclusively for MRW.