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Viridor Plastic Export - Environment Agency Statement

11th June 2019

Viridor works in partnership with more than 150 local authority and major corporate clients with 32,000 customers across the UK. The company has the UK’s largest network of 300+ advanced recycling, energy recovery and landfill diversion facilities.

This investment in specialist plastic, paper and glass recycling facilities has empowered Viridor to achieve circular economy solutions where market demand exists. Viridor recently announced a £65m investment in what will be the UK’s biggest multi-polymer reprocessing plant. Co-located at the £252m Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre, this plastics plant will produce 60KTPA of recycled plastic a year. The new plant will complement Viridor’s existing UK network of materials recycling facilities and specialist plastic and recycling plants at Rochester and Skelmersdale.

Viridor has also recently signed a contract with Gloucestershire-based KS Plastics which will see 5,000 tonnes of recycling sacks, shopping bags and film reprocessed in the UK. Previously markets for this grade of plastic were Asian countries and, more recently, Turkey.

The resource market remains a global market, governed by the principles of supply and demand, however, where any material is sent abroad, Viridor only works with EA-accredited and licensed facilities. Material is sold as an “end-of-waste product”, which means it is to be reprocessed to produce a plastic pellet or flake and reused in manufacturing as a recyclable material. Viridor has a robust system of traceability with regard to its supply chain and receives accreditation from the companies it works with, demonstrating reprocessing has taken place.

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