Clyde Valley

Across the Clyde Valley, local authorities – which include East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire - are working together to help transform how its Household Waste will be managed. Over the last decade, these councils have adapted their recycling services, focusing on waste segregation and the regeneration of its household waste. More recently, they have taken on the challenge of meeting the ambitious Scottish Government Zero Waste to landfill targets, which are driven by economic factors, environmental concerns and the recently introduced legislative requirements which includes the need by 2025 to recycle 70% of all waste streams.

In 2013, the councils joined forces to find a solution. Following a formal bid process, Viridor were selected to design, construct, finance and operate facilities to treat waste which would otherwise have gone into landfill. The Clyde Valley Project – the first of its type in Scotland will have a huge impact in saving natural resources through the increased recycling and green energy recovery programme emphasising the need where all waste must be seen as a resource and not waste.

Under this partnership agreement, up to 190,000 tonnes of the authority’s residual waste per year, will be treated at an advanced Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). This will support the local authority’s Environmental and Business goals and helps represent best value to the Authorities households. Viridor in partnership with the Authorities will transform waste management across the Clyde Valley helping to create a strong sustainable long-term future for their waste management, whilst delivering environmental, economic and community benefits across the region.