Trading paper – Recycled paper and cardboard

The recycled paper and cardboard market

We have a significant share of the UK recovered paper market, supplying high quality recycled paper to buyers within the UK and internationally to Europe and the Far East.

We collect material from all over the UK with 3 dedicated paper recycling facilities in Northampton, Somerset and West Sussex. These sites collect from printers, direct mail companies, newsprint houses and offices.

In addition to these dedicated paper facilities, we have eight material recycling facilities (MRFs) that process commingled recycling from local councils and other producers and sort the material to produce high quality individual material streams including paper.

Viridor Resource Management (VRM) has exported recycled paper for over 10 years. We value the paper mills we supply through our network of accredited Agents who understand the products and the needs of our customers.

Our recycling strategy is simple: Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality control underpins what we do. Our manufacturing operations generate quality recycled commodities meeting recognised industry standards. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 accredited reflecting our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. When exporting products to the Chinese market we work closely with China International Capital Corporation (CICC) for the inspection of goods and the issuance of certificates.

8200000 Tonnes
Paper recycled in UK
4 Dedicated
Recycling facilities
10 + Years
Exporting experience