Trading Glass – Recycled Glass

An estimated 1.6 million tonnes of glass is collected for recycling in the UK every year of which 400,000 tones of all glass grades is estimated to be exported to the European recycled market.

We have a significant share of the UK reprocessing glass market, playing a pivotal role in the UK glass container manufacturing supply-chain, through supplying high quality recycled flint, amber and green glass cullet to remanufacturing industries across the UK.

The recycled glass market: A certified ‘End of Waste’ processor

We operate a network of material recycling facilities (MRFs) across the UK that sell recycled materials within the UK and export to Europe and the rest of the world. These MRFs process comingled materials, primarily from local councils; using advanced technology to separate it into high quality individual material streams. Each facility produces between 3,000 and 60,000 tonnes of glass every year.

Our material recycling facilities (MRFs) supply glass to Viridor’s two dedicated glass recycling facilities in addition to direct contracts between the glass facilities and glass producers and other waste management companies. We are an experienced reprocessor of recycled glass cullet and are proud to be one of only a handful of UK companies that is certified as an ‘End of Waste’ (EoW) glass reprocessor. This certification confirms that the finished glass product is of such high quality that it is independently verified as no longer a waste but a valued raw commodity.

Our award-winning glass recycling facility at Newhouse near Glasgow, and our advanced facility at Sheffield in South Yorkshire, recycle glass collected from waste management and commercial and industrial partners. The facilities utilise world-leading screening, air separation and optical sorting technologies, enabling us to supply high-quality finished products into the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

We embrace the circular economy and actively encourage the reprocessing of recycled glass and the remanufacture of glass products. Recycled glass collected from our supply partners is transformed into new glass products such as whisky, beer and ale bottles, or medicine and food jars within seven days of collection. Our relationship with the Scotch whisky association evidences the company’s commitment to the local circular economy, promoting use of local glass within the manufacturing industry.

Not only does recycling glass reduce waste to landfill, it also decreases the need for raw materials and enhances energy consumption in the manufacture of new glass containers. A unique advantage of glass is that it can be endlessly recycled without any loss of quality, creating timeless packaging and showcasing the true meaning of closed loop recycling. This makes glass the only true “cradle-to-cradle” recycled material.

Our recycling strategy is simple: Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality control underpins what we do. Our manufacturing operations generate quality recycled commodities meeting recognised industry standards. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 accredited reflecting our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. We rigorously test outgoing cullet to meet customer requirements and Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) can be issued upon request. Product quality is also UKAS verified independently.

1600000 + Tonnes
Recycled in the UK
15 + Years
300000 Tonnes
Recycled by Viridor