Hazardous waste

We manage your hazardous waste, safely and reliably to give you peace of mind

Disposing of hazardous or clinical waste is a highly specialised activity and has always drawn public concern.

Mindful of this, we have developed expertise in this sector, becoming an industry leader in the safe collection, treatment and disposal of potentially dangerous substances. From fluorescent lamps to clinical waste, asbestos to refrigerators, with Viridor, you can be confident that your hazardous waste disposal is treated correctly.

We want to help you ensure that you meet your duty of care by auditing on everything your business throws away, helping you increase your recycling rates and keeping your hazardous waste stream disposed of in a safe manner.

We will advise you on the best means of collecting your hazardous waste and help with all relevant paperwork. We’ll then sort and segregate it into our processing facilities and arrange for it to be treated and disposed of in line with the latest environmental standards and legislations.

Viridor is a safe pair of hands that can be relied upon to treat your waste with the seriousness and attention to detail it demands.


What happens to my waste?

1)     Collected: From fluorescent tubes to paint tins, we can collect almost any type of hazardous waste

2)     Clinical: We also collect clinical waste and service many hospitals throughout the UK

3)     Asbestos: Our professional, qualified drivers will collect your asbestos and provide full documentation for your records

4)     Legal: Viridor adheres to the strict legislation in place that ensures collection and disposal of hazardous materials is done in a controlled and safe manner. 

We can help you drive down costs

Whether you produce paper, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles or a combination of these, we can help you recycle quickly and easily through our mixed recycling service, saving you space, time and hassle.

After a free waste audit, our team will be able to advise you on how to reduce the size and weight of your general waste bin, helping you save on costs associated with environmental compliance and landfill tax.