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An internationally recognised supply chain management company, working to design, implement and manage supply chains to global industry markets, while providing custom solutions for more complex transportation models. The company aims to provide a seamless distribution process, arranging the movement of goods from sourcing/manufacturing right through to delivery at the final destination, so as to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.


The company previously used multiple suppliers for waste management services. This resulted in disjointed invoicing and a lack of communication between sites. With no single Account Manager responsible for overseeing waste management services, the company were unable to keep track of their own waste disposal and recycling statistics and so highlight any potential means of increasing their recycling levels or cost savings.


In 2015, Viridor took over as the sole provider of waste management services for the company. Recognising the need for greater continuity between sites, Viridor’s first step was to centralise the invoicing and rebates system, hiring a dedicated and proactive Account Manager to review statistics and set achievable quarterly targets across all sites. A customer service team was established to act as a central point of contact for all the company’s sites. In response to the issues subsequently highlighted, actions to improve waste management across all sites were established.

Some of these actions included:

  • Providing balers and compactors to reduce haulage and generate revenue for baling card and plastic.
  • Standing trailers provided to deliver baled material into Viridor sites.
  • Providing a bespoke enclosure to meet temperature control requirement for certain sites.

Making the company greener

Having developed a trusting relationship with their Account Manager, the company were now in a better position to review how they might be able to improve their waste disposal methods and so increase their recycling levels. Now with the ability to analyse where their waste was coming from, the company began to implement more care in their waste segregation.

The problem site

Prior to Viridor’s involvement, one particular site had no recycling segregation, no rebate and no diversion from landfill. In response to this Viridor provided:

  • Education and training for staff at all levels.
  • Balers to generate a rebate.
  • Segregated materials to reduce cost and increase recycling percentage from 0-40%.

The future

Thanks to the successful relationship with their Account Manager, the company now provide a full customer service offering, as well as having confidence in their reporting and invoicing systems. In the future, the company plans to work with Viridor to develop an interactive customer portal, while continuing to reduce costs, back haul material and providing bigger balers and increasing rebates.