University in the South West

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Taking over the contract from a competitive provider, Viridor offers the South West England based university an integrated solution that caters for all waste streams under a 3-year fixed price contract - including all disposal prices and transport costs. We provide the university with a transparent service, offering a high level of reporting; detailing end destination for all waste streams. This enables them to have full confidence in knowing their waste is being dealt with safely and effectively.

We collect from 30+ locations across the university campus and surrounding sites.

A tailored service 

Viridor worked closely with the client’s old service provider, putting a Project Mobilisation plan in place to ensure a smooth roll out with no disruption to service during the transition.

New collection vehicles with on board weighing equipment were bought specifically to service this contract. We provided a detailed breakdown of material collected for each site, including dates for collection, number of collections for each week and estimated tonnages. From this we were able to design a tailored plan for the university and all its sites.


These are just some of the ways Viridor have worked to improve the university’s waste management service:

  • We work closely with the university attending monthly conference call meetings and quarterly face-to-face meetings. They provide Viridor with set KPIs of which we have never fallen short. By maintaining customer relationships, we can insure that any problems or concerns are addressed quickly and effectively.
  • We have worked with the university to reduce the number of general waste bins around their various sites, along with increasing recycling bins.
  • Source segregated recycling collections are in operation for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. This not only saves the university money, but also increases recycling rates.
  • Implementing zero waste to landfill. The university has had a zero waste to landfill rate since day one of the contract.

Going forward

Viridor are pleased to say that the university are very satisfied with the service we provided, and feel confident in securing the 1-year extension at the end of our current contract period.

We have big plans to stream our service even further: in 2020 we will be able to send the university’s general waste to Viridor Avonmouth ERF facility, transforming all unrecyclable waste into usable energy.