Skills, diversity and development

Our people our are greatest resource so investing in both the the current and next generation is important to ensure our industry can continue to develop. We are committed to developing a talent pipeline which aims to bring diversity, innovation and new skills into our business.

People Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The waste management industry has traditioanlly been a male dominated area. We have developed a new group diversity and inclusion policy to make us more diverse place to work. 

Graduate Prgrammes

Our two year graduate programme is desgined to help graduates continue their professional development with the benefit of ongoing support from teams and business functions. There are two graduate programmes; Graduate Management Trainee Scheme and Functional Specialist Programme.

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Employee Engagement

We work tirelessly to increase our levels of employee engagement, which means more regular contact from senior mangers and board members with colleagues across the business. Putting emphasis on internal communication to create a culture whereby all Viridor people understand and engage in our business strategy.

Our new strategic engagement partner ‘Great Place to Work’ is one of the leaders in employee and workplace engagement in the UK and has accsess to more than 7,000 organisations across the globe. This will allow Viridor to see how we compare against other companies that are similar to ours.