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Our greatest asset is our workforce, so the health, safety and welfare of our employees is of the utmost importance.

We strive to develop a positive health and safety culture across the company with the aim to produce a working environment that is free of accidents, ill health and damage to property and equipment.
We are committed to continually improving health and safety standards and performance. To this end we have introduced HomeSafe.

HomeSafe is our wide-ranging behavioural change programme. HomeSafe is about staff, contractors and visitors getting to work safely, enjoying a safe and healthy working environment, and arriving home without incident at the end of each working day. It has been rolled out across the company to help strive for the highest standards of health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. It incorporates several levels of safety thinking, which can be seen in the circular model below. This is being supported with a broad set of  Health and Safety indicators to improve management information, insights and safety performance. This will allow for a greater understanding of injury and ill-health causes and allows us to benchmark against other companies across many sectors.  

We encourage our employees, contractors, partners and customers to always embrace HomeSafe principles and ensure that they work safely on our facilities at all times. 

HomeSafe model

The first two rings – the Core Expectations and Safety Absolutes - set out the safety behaviours we must all stick to – whatever we are doing whether we’re working alone or in a team.

The next ring is where our Life Saving Rules sit they focus on the most common causes of serious accidents in our business.

Finally, the outer ring is home to all the systems and processes we have in place to make sure we continually improve safety. These include our safety management system, permit to work system and risk assessment tools