Accessibility Policy

About the accessibility of our website

Our aim is to meet all priority 1 requirements of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0). Meeting this standard is commonly known as Level A compliance. 

Changing website colours

You can change the colour scheme on to a higher contrast if you prefer. This page on the BBC website will explain how you can change the settings on your computer so that it allows you to use a colour scheme that makes reading the text easier. 

Access keys for our website

Access keys allow you to navigate to specific pages of a website by typing certain key combinations.

Adjust the text size

You can make the text on your computer easier to read by changing your computer or browser settings. This page on the BBC website will explain how to do this.

Video content

We are making use of video files on this site. These are generally in JWPlayer which converts the video to a relevant format to the user’s browser. For example, if your browser does not support Flash, it will stream in HTML5 instead where available.

Contacting us

If you are unable to get the information you need through the website directly email us or telephone our head office on 01823 721 400.

Downloading documents (Adobe)

Documents are made available in a variety of formats for website users to download. Where appropriate, guidance will be offered on how to download these.

Alternative text (alt text)

Alternative text has been added to all images on our website. The text contained in the alt text will depend on the reason for the image.


If you are experiencing problems with legibility, or you find that this site is uncomfortable to read, you may wish to consider changing some of the default settings of your browser. This will alter the way web pages appear on your screen. This page on the BBC website will explain how to do this. 


To make your computer speak the text of this website aloud, visit the BBC website which explains how to change your settings. 

Navigating this site

You can move to different pages by using main categories on the menu bar on the left of each page; move your cursor over the underlined text (or hyperlinked image) and you will notice the cursor change to a hand.


If you would like to give us feedback on your experience on this website please email us.