Polymer Streams

Viridor Polymer Recycling produces high quality recycled plastics in pellet and flake every year, offering two key polymer types to the market.

These materials are produced to tight specifications and offer consistent properties so they can be used in a series of packaging and industrial applications; clearly demonstrating the circular economy in practice.

  • Consistent in flow behaviour
  • Consistent in mechanical properties
  • Consistent colour
  • No odour (option on rHDPE compounds)

Manufacturers that use recycled polymers in their products highlight their environmental credentials, improving their own brand image.

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET)

PET post-consumer plastics are pre-washed, granulated, density separated, intensively hot washed and dried.

Finished flake is suited for use directly in the thermoforming industry and with further appropriate processing through Solid State Polymerisation (SSP), the resulting material can be used in the manufacture of new food grade packaging.

Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (rHDPE)

HDPE bottles are recovered only from the post-consumer waste stream and then washed, granulated, contamination removed through density separation; dried; air classified; colour sorted; re-extruded and melt filtered to remove any remaining contaminants.

Viridor is also able to further treat the HDPE to remove the odours and residual fragrances from the initial application to allow these plastics to be used by brand owners for more demanding end applications.

The finished compound is available in Black, Jazz and Natural that is suitable for colouring by the end user. The HDPE grades are ideally suited for blow moulding and extrusion processes with the deodorised grade being used where odour free products are required.

Delivering innovation

We work closely with manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to develop materials that are fit for recycling, especially in the case of packaging.

Partnering with Nextek, Viridor has been working to increase the range of end applications for its HDPE compounds by investing in technology to remove the odour from the end-of-life HDPE bottles. Deodorising plastic compounds technically qualifies the material to be used again in retail packaging applications, supporting the circular economy and ensuring that the materials can be recovered and recycled again at the end of life.

Viridor Polymer Recycling supplies high-quality PET and HDPE products to the packaging, personal care, laundry and pipe markets to international “blue chip” customers.