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The world is using resources at an unsustainable rate, and has used as much in the past 50 years as in all previous history.

We continue to partner our customers across all sectors by identifying the most robust and cost effective recycling and waste treatment options in a changing market.

Our recycling strategy is simple: Quality, quality, quality. Only if we produce and maintain high quality recycled commodities will we achieve demanding material specifications for customers in the UK and global markets.

We continue to increase our recycling capacity through investment in new facilities and acquisitions, and now recycle around 2.3 million tonnes of material a year. We work with our local authority and private sector customers to find a recycling solution that suits them. This includes either supporting collections that sort materials at source or providing a commingled, dry mixed recycling service. In some cases we also manage recycling operations on the customer’s own sites.

Uniquely, we also have our own in-house trading division for selling recycled commodity materials - Viridor Resource Management.

If you would like to see how we can help you to recycle more, contact us to get a quote or enter your postcode to speak to somebody at your local depot.


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