Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre

Glasgow City Council handles circa 222,000 tonnes of household waste every year, of which 72% was sent to landfill in 2016. As landfill tax continues to rise alongside ambitious Scottish Government zero waste targets, the council has been planning for change. These changes are underpinned by waste reduction, re-use, enhanced recycling rates, and recovering renewable energy from residual waste.

Following extensive public consultation in 2012, Glasgow is changing gear with a new, state-of-the-art recycling and sustainable waste management facility at its long established waste treatment plant at Polmadie. This technology, will radically overhaul the way the city’s household waste is managed over the next 25 years.

The Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre (GRREC) will:

  • Handle 200,000 tonnes of council green bin residual waste every year, 
  • Work in combination with city wide blue, brown and purple bin recycling,
  • Divert 90% of green bin residual waste away from landfill, saving millions of pounds,
  • Release recyclable resources from household waste,
  • Produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 22,000 households and heat the equivalent of some 8,000 homes,
  • Deliver a saving to Glasgow of 90,000 tonnes of CO² every year,

Detailed plans prepared by leading recycling, renewable energy and sustainable waste company Viridor, for the new facility,  will regenerate the existing Glasgow City Council waste facility at Polmadie, on the South side of the city.

Alongside improvements to recycling, an extensive community benefits package will be established. This scheme will create 250 new jobs, including 25 apprentices, support local social enterprises, and small and medium sized businesses throughout the building programme and beyond.

Finding Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre

Glasgow Map

The facility is located on Polmadie Road, Glasgow, G42 0PL.

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