Viridor takes full ownership of Quantafuel AS as it delists from Oslo Stock Exchange

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Viridor has assumed full ownership of Quantafuel as the Oslo Stock Exchange delisted Quantafuel AS’ shares from Euronext Growth on 7th February. This marks a significant moment as the company transitions into a new era under Viridor's complete ownership.

Lee Hodder, Managing Director of Viridor Polymers said: "This occasion signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Quantafuel's integration into Viridor Polymers solidifies our position as a key player in the polymers reprocessing sector and underscores our shared commitment to driving innovation and creating a circular plastic economy."

Viridor's strategic acquisition of Quantafuel aligns with its ambitious goal to spearhead innovation in plastics recycling and achieve full circularity across all four major plastics by 2025.

Quantafuel’s plastics to liquids process converts waste plastics into a raw material, comparable to virgin fossil oil derived refined products. This material can be used in the chemicals industry for the production of new plastics.

Quantafuel’s process tackles the challenge of recycling plastic films, providing a sustainable solution for recovering, recycling, and producing recycled food-grade plastic films. Viridor's dedication to establishing a fully circular plastics business by 2025 is demonstrated by the Avonmouth facility, which converts over 1 billion bottles annually.

The acquisition enhances Viridor's capabilities and advances the journey towards continuous plastics recycling.

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