Government shortlists Viridor's Runcorn CCS project

Runcorn CGI

Today, Viridor welcomes the UK Government’s announcement that Runcorn Energy Recovery Facility’s Runcorn CCS Project at the UK’s largest EfW facility, has been shortlisted for the next stage in the Government’s industrial carbon capture (ICC) sequencing process.

This is an exciting step forward in delivering of one of the first carbon capture projects on an EfW facility in the world.

Developing CCS at Runcorn will kick start a world leading carbon capture industry right here in the UK. The project alone will capture c.900,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, 50% of which includes biogenic CO2, effectively removing 450,000 tonnes from the atmosphere annually. Runcorn CCS will provide stable baseload supply 24/7 to the HyNet industrial carbon capture cluster in the North West. This is critical to underpinning investment in  his infrastructure and is essential to ensuring that the UK reaches net zero by 2050.

Not only is carbon capture on EfW pivotal to decarbonising the waste sector, but it will also help accelerate the development of industrial carbon capture across the UK. The Runcorn CCS Project can be used as a benchmark, paving the way for the rest of the UK’s fleet of over 50 EfW facilities to invest in this essential technological advancement. Research by Eunomia, published in October last year found that carbon capture  investment at EfWs across the UK could be as much as 15% lower than the cheapest industrial alternative and would offer substantial investment and employment opportunities across the UK.

Viridor stands ready to deliver its Runcorn CCS Project on the timetable that Government has set out and is ready to engage fully with the Government as part of the next stage for consideration for Government support. This will be critical to reach a Final Investment Decision to ensure that we can deliver the project at best value for money.

Kevin Bradshaw, CEO of Viridor commented: “We are delighted at today’s announcement which is a significant step forward in reaching Viridor’s target of net zero by 2040 and climate positive by 2045. Delivery of carbon capture on EfW is essential to decarbonising the waste sector and will help to create some of the 50,000 jobs in the carbon capture economy across the UK by 2030. We look forward to continuing to engage with the Government to ensure that the UK becomes a world leader in industrial carbon capture.”

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