PPAs for Independent generators

PPAs for Independent Generators

If you are a business that independently generates, we can help you optimise the value of that generated energy.

Viridor’s Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gives smaller, independent generators the opportunity to sell electricity via our specialist Energy Services Team, in turn benefitting from being part of a much bigger energy portfolio.

We believe our PPA is the lowest cost option on the market and its flexibility allows us to sell energy at times when prices are high, creating new revenue for your business.

Our dedicated energy team will take care of the daily management of your energy generation, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Why choose a PPA from Viridor?

A Viridor Energy PPA gives smaller generators the opportunity to sell their electricity through Viridor’s team – and effectively benefit from being part of a much bigger energy portfolio. Our PPA service also comes with support from an experienced energy team. We have already delivered significant value to the Viridor energy portfolio, now we’re able to draw on that experience to support your business with every aspect of being a generator: from risk management and broader energy management through to data handling, supplier relationship management and settlement validation.


With more flexibility than a standard PPA, the Viridor PPA offers the ability to lock in prices for months, quarters and seasons ahead of delivery when budget aspirations are met by wholesale market pricing and gives greater flexibility for generators to optimise at times when spot market  prices are high.

Low costs

Ours is the lowest cost PPA on the market. On average, operating costs will amount to less than 1% of your power price. We want to make sure more of the power revenue reaches you – and this is reflected by the fact that we pass through more of the embedded benefits received from the electricity you provide.

Budget certainty

We can contract for up to two years ahead at any time, which means you’ll be able to secure value opportunities that last if market pricing rises. This contract length also provides the opportunity to review and improve your strategy over a mature time frame.

Expert support

Our dedicated team are here to support you. They will take care of the daily management of your energy generation, always keeping you well informed but leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. We can also assist in the sale of ROCs or provide Capacity Market support if you require it.

If you could like to know more about obtaining more value from the energy you generate, download our brochure or contact us.