How the facility works

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How the facility works at Glasgow Recycling & Renewable Energy Centre

How GRREC works

The fundamentals of the Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre feature proven, safe and reliable advanced waste technologies and follow a simple three-step resource management process.

Glasgow City Council vehicles deliver domestic green bin waste to the site’s fully enclosed reception hall incorporating the latest noise and odour control mechanisms.

Step 1: Smart-Materials Recycling Facility

Boosting recycling from household waste is the first job of the facility and this happens in the state-of-the-art Smart Materials Recycling Facility (S-MRF). The S-MRF releases the waste resources from household waste, separating the waste to recover anything that can be recycled.

Step 2: Anaerobic Digestion

Next, the facility tackles the food and organic waste, removing it from the waste stream for conversion into green energy through a process of anaerobic digestion which breaks down items just like in your stomach.

Step 3: Advanced Conversion Facility

Finally, diverting what can’t be recycled from landfill, the advanced conversion facility recovers renewable energy for local use by heating the waste, producing a synthetic gas which is controlled and converted to provide enough energy to heat and power around 22,000 homes – saving Glasgow 28,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.