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Work with us

In order to take advantage of the economic opportunities that the GRREC will provide over the 25 year period, Viridor are actively engaging with local businesses to help them reach their potential.

Viridor host a range of events which allow businesses to talk to us, network and gain skills. Our popular “Meet the Buyer” or “Business Breakfast” events, allowed businesses to talk to Viridor about our procurement needs and how local enterprise could work with us to help us achieve our goals.

All opportunities to work with Viridor, its construction contractor or sub-contractors, will be advertised.

Capacity building

Viridor hosts an active programme of FREE capacity building workshops for small and medium sized enterprises, and social enterprises across the city. Between 2013 and 2019, the GRREC delivered over 151 FREE capacity building training workshops to over 815 social enterprise, and small to medium businesses candidates.

The workshops and skills training to cover a wide range of topics from Health and Safety, to IT and Autism in the Workplace.

Follow the link to see how Viridor can help your business grow