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Across the Clyde Valley five local authorities – East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire - are working together to help transform how its Household Waste will be managed. Over the last decade, these councils have adapted their recycling services, focusing on waste segregation and the regeneration of its household waste. More recently, they have taken on the challenge of meeting the ambitious Scottish Government Zero Waste to landfill targets, which are driven by economic factors, environmental concerns and the recently introduced legislative requirements which include the need by 2025 to recycle 70 per cent of all waste streams.

In 2013, the councils joined forces to find a solution. Following a formal bid process, Viridor was selected to design, construct, finance and operate facilities to treat waste which would otherwise have gone into landfill. The Clyde Valley Project – the first of its type in Scotland will have a huge impact in saving natural resources through the increased recycling and green energy recovery programme emphasising the need where all waste must be seen as a resource and not waste.

Under this partnership agreement, up to 190,000 tonnes of the authority’s residual waste per year, will be treated at an advanced Material Recycling Facility (MRF). This will support the local authorities' environmental and business goals and helps represent best value to the authorities' households. Viridor, in partnership with the authorities, will transform waste management across the Clyde Valley helping to create a strong sustainable long-term future for their waste management, while delivering environmental, economic and community benefits across the region.


The state-of-the-art MRF at Bargeddie in North Lanarkshire has now started to receive waste as part of the contract, diverting non-recyclable waste from landfill and generating low carbon energy.

Using cutting edge technology, black bag waste will be processed at Bargeddie, with non-recyclable material then transferred to Viridor's Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Dunbar, where it will be used to help create low-carbon electricity for households across the country.

Steven Don, Head of Local Authority Contracts in Scotland said: "The Clyde Valley Partnership is an excellent example of how local authorities can work together to deliver effective waste management and contribute to a circular economy in Scotland.

"The sophisticated technology at Bargeddie improves recycling and non-recyclable waste treatment, maximising the opportunities to recycle while putting non-recyclable waste to work to generate low carbon electricity."

Robert Steenson, Executive Director of Enterprise and Communities at North Lanarkshire Council, said: "This is a significant project for the five local authorities, both as the first partnership of its kind in Scotland and in its contribution to managing household waste more effectively.

"It means that the waste, which cannot otherwise be recycled, will now be diverted from landfill and transformed into low carbon electricity, with the Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility generating enough power for the equivalent of 70,656 homes."

More than £33m has been invested in the Viridor Bargeddie Recycling Hub since 2009, with the £11m clean materials recycling facility, followed by the £22m residual materials recycling facility.

Find out more about the Bargeddie recycling hub in our latest newsletter.

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Educational Activities

switching-on-minds.pngEngaging with students and community groups helps raise understanding of the need to bring resources to life.

Teaching children about recycling from a young age means that it is more likely to become normal behaviour in adulthood.

This is why we have produced a range of activities to help educate young people in a fun and meaningful way. 

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Online workshops

Viridor is responsible for managing and facilitating The Clyde Valley Project, an innovative partnership where five local authorities (East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire) have come together to help transform how their household waste is managed. The Clyde Valley Project – the first of its type in Scotland, is having a huge impact in saving natural resources through the increased recycling and energy recovery programme, emphasising the need where all waste must be seen as a resource and not waste.

As part of Viridor’s Community Benefit commitments, FREE online workshops have been arranged for Small Businesses and Social Enterprise Organisations in these local authority areas.

Following a successful pilot during the pandemic which has seen over 130 companies/employees sign up to the free workshops offered by Viridor, a new Programme of virtual events has been planned for spring/summer 2022.

Please find details of our latest programme of online workshops below:

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Tues 3rd May

10am to 11am

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making, During Changes and Transitions

Delivered by Marcia, Believe-IN

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Thurs 5th May

11am to 11:45am

Introduction to IP: How to Identify and Protect your Creative Assets

Delivered by BICP Glasgow Life

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Tues 17th May

10am to 10.45am

Top 10 Tips to Manage & Promote Good Mental Health at Work


Delivered by BeyondHR & Salus Occupational Health

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Thurs 9th June

10.30am to 11.30am

Help Save Energy While Working from Home

Delivered by Home Energy Scotland

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Wed 22nd June 10.00am to 11.00am

HR Workshop: How to Have Difficult Conversations

Delivered by BeyondHR

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The Clyde Valley Partnership is also supported by the following employment agencies:

  1. Routes to Work
  2. Work EastRen Employability Services
  3. Invest in Renfrewshire
  4. Developing Young Workforce
  5. East Dunbartonshire Council Employability Services
  6. North Ayrshire Council Employability Services