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A substantial proportion of our resources are spent on goods, services and works procured externally from third parties. Our suppliers are a key element in our vision to give resources new life and it is important for us to work with them in a way that promotes quality and value and ensures sustainability and innovation.

Effective and efficient procurement processes are important to us. Our Procurement Services team is responsible for monitoring compliance and managing and updating our policies and procedures. This team also monitors compliance with our supplier frameworks. An important element of the overall monitoring process includes the management of our Health & Safety (H&S) Approved Contractors list.

It is our intention that:

  • All major areas of recurrent expenditure are covered by framework agreements which are subject to a formal tender process.
  • Our rigorous supplier qualification procedures ensure selection of the best suppliers in each categories.
  • We work in collaboration with our key suppliers through innovation and continuous improvement to drive down cost and improve service levels for our customers.
  • Our commitment to sustainability ensures a sustainable company and a sustainable supply chain.
  • Formal market reviews are carried out by cross functional teams led by Procurement using our ISO9001 procedures to achieve a fair and objective process.
  • Standard terms and conditions will apply to all Purchase Orders. Where a signed contract exists, the contractual Terms and Conditions will take precedence. Terms and conditions - Purchase (pdf)

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