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Our Purpose Values


Giving the world’s resources new life

We never let ‘waste’ go to waste. Instead, we transform it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy. That’s sustainability in action.

We aim to recycle and recover every kilogramme of what society throws away and requires us to safely manage.  We give materials new life by producing something essential from what is discarded by others – from quality raw materials for new products, to vital energy to power our homes and our businesses.

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We have a strong set of company values which all employees recognise and consistently work to every day, helping to strengthen our performance and deliver our purpose:

  • Challenge for change
  • Making things happen
  • Relentless pursuit of quality
  • Stronger in partnership



Challenge for change:

The world is changing. Once there was waste. Now there are valuable resources that society must challenge itself to reuse, recycle and recover. With our innovative services, we are an integral part of this transformation. The world, the industry, our clients see us in a different light.

In blazing the trail, we’re clearing an easier path for our clients – helping them minimise waste and squeeze every last drop of value from their resources.

Making things happen:

We deliver some of the most advanced recycling and energy recovery facilities and social infrastructure, enabling a pioneering resource management service which knows where every last bit of material ends up. It’s smart technology, safely operated by smart people.

Our clients benefit from having the latest processes, technology and knowledge at their disposal. Whatever the task, they know we’ll get it done – and done well.

Relentless pursuit of quality:

Transforming industrial, commercial and domestic ‘waste’ into high-quality raw materials and vital energy means investment in infrastructure, equipment and people. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Quality in, means quality out, in added-value products and services. That’s what creates value for our clients.

Stronger in partnership:

Sales, service, safety, sustainability, social responsibility. All are stronger when we collaborate and work in partnership – with clients, colleagues and communities.

For our clients, we’re the partner that listens, understands, and stands shoulder to shoulder with them, whatever the challenge. If their needs change, we adapt to meet those changes. It’s this deep commitment that makes us – and our clients – stronger.


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