Our activities have environmental impacts - both positive and negative. Minimising our impact on the world around us and taking steps to protect and enhance our environment, to protect and replenish natural capital, and to improve resource productivity where possible, is fundamental to our strategy.  

Alongside our investments in services, technology and engineering solutions to tackle resource and environmental issues we also invest in biodiversity and stewardship programmes to help boost habitat restoration and minimise or mitigate the impact of our business.

 Our objectives:




Resource Efficiency & Natural Capital Stewardship 

Demonstrate leadership in resource productivity and stewardship, encouraging and enabling waste prevention and best practice in resource and water efficiency.

Develop our services and deliver innovative solutions for society that help to protect natural capital and resources.


Healthy Places and Habitats 

Proactively protect and enhance biodiversity in our operational and service areas through quality habitat creation, land management and restoration, good stewardship and environmental partnerships.

Environmental Leadership 

Demonstrate leadership in minimising emissions that contribute to climate change and develop climate change adaption strategies. 

Ensure that we have a positive economic, social and environmental impact and continuous positive action to prevent pollution. 

Control and mitigate risks arising from our business activities, ensuring regulatory compliance.