Responsible supply chain

Our large breadth of waste management practices supports the need for a dynamic value adding supply chain. Our supply chain promotes vital relationships that support the day-to-day running of Viridor’s facilities, innovation partnerships and supply resource for long term investment programmes. The supply chain is therefore essential in maintaining the flow of goods and services to all areas across our business.

Pennon Group Procurement

The supply chain is proactively managed by Pennon Group Procurement. The procurement team operate across the Pennon Group businesses, supporting the core operations in addition to the corporate services functions. The team's work encompasses a wide breadth of activities, including strategic sourcing and supply chain management. We also aim to adopt a collaborative approach throughout Pennon Group’s supply chain, to support sustainable growth and cost base efficiency.

Sustainable supply chain

Group Procurement recognises the importance of a sustainable supply chain. The concept of sustainability encompasses environmental, social and governance considerations which all play a key role when managing Pennon Group’s supply chain. Group Procurement’s approach focuses around fundamental principles associated with sustainable procurement, which provides the core foundation to our service delivery.