Since becoming a standalone business under the private equity ownership of KKR, Viridor has taken the opportunity to redefine its vision and reshape for an exciting future as we take steps to become a net zero waste management company - and beyond!


Viridor's purpose is what drives us. 

Our purpose is the reason we exist and the reason we come to work every .day. 

Our purpose is To build a world where nothing goes to waste.

Because we only have one planet and we must each play a part in protecting it, educating and inspiring others along the way.



Our vision is our future ambition. 

It's who we want to be as a business in 10-20 years.

It's our north star; our collective goal.

Our vision is To be the UK's leading innovator of resource recovery and recycling, transforming waste for a climate-positive future.



Of course, underlying all of this ambition are a new set of values which underpins everything we do. So what are Viridor people like? If you are joining the Viridor team, what can you expect from us as a business. These values - which were co-created with our people - should give you a flavour. What we deliver is important, but so is how we deliver it.

  1. We lead with ambition
    Through world class leadership we strive for success through our people, our partners, our shareholders. Leading our sector with innovation, teamwork and pride in our purpose.

  2. We believe in each other
    Safety is at the heart of all we do. We are collaborators and partners, working together to achieve results - and we always have each other's backs.

  3. We rise to the challenge
    We drive customer and market needs. We take accountability for our actions, and we will never compromise on doing the right thing for our customers, people and partners.

  4. We look after tomorrow
    We are resourceful, always striving for better and delivering quality for our customers. All of this is built on the foundations of strong, long-term relationships.


Our new values reflect the very best of Viridor. They have been built by our people, for our people, which means they are authentic and already being lived and breathed across our business. 

Our new values are more than words on a wall. With the help of teams across Viridor, we've defined values that are meaningful, dynamic and ambitious.