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Viridor and Wigan Council renew dry mixed recycling contract

19th March 2018

Viridor and Wigan Council have renewed the contract for the council’s dry mixed recycling which sees the continuation of a strong partnership aimed at supporting increased recycling ambitions.

Viridor Business Development Manager Simon Wright said Viridor was responsible for the collection, haulage and recycling of Wigan’s brown bin dry mixed recycling from the Council’s depot at Makerfield Way, Wigan.

The company’s Warth Road Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) will receive in the region of 16,000 tonnes of comingled dry mixed recycling per annum, including glass, plastics and cans from Wigan for processing into high-quality commodities and sale into recycling markets.

Mr Wright said: “Viridor is delighted to have been awarded this contract renewal which sees it continue its strong partnership with Wigan Council. By working together we will be able to support increased recycling and provide efficient and effective sorting of the dry mixed recycling at our Warth Road Materials Recycling Facility. This contract also underpins jobs in transport and recycling in the local area.”

Paul Barton, Director for Environment at Wigan Council, said: “The quality of the proposed service from Viridor will provide an absolute guarantee that this waste is being effectively recycled for our residents.”

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