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New Viridor bins help Edinburgh businesses challenge staff to recycle more

16th August 2018

Viridor is introducing a new bin designed to help Edinburgh businesses drive up their recycling rates along with a new Viridor “V” bin locking mechanism.

Barry Neill, Viridor’s Bonnyrigg Collections Business Manager, said the company, with customers across Edinburgh, understood that everyone wanted to make the most of recycling opportunities and support Scotland’s ambitions towards waste reduction and recycling and achieving a more circular economy.

Barry said: “We know that people want to do the right thing and recycle as much as they can and so we are working with Edinburgh businesses to share our knowledge so recycling is not lost to general waste and we don’t contaminate recycling with unsuitable objects.

“The 1100-litre mesh-side containers we will give to all our dry mixed recycling customers will help us to do this.  The visibility this design creates lets our customers see what is going into their containers to ensure that recyclable material is not mixed with general waste. This gives them the opportunity to challenge their teams to improve their recycling rates – something we know is really important to the companies we work with.”

Barry added that the new Viridor lock and key system was an important tool in preventing contamination and enhancing security.

Viridor has also prepared educational interactive presentations and posters to help customers work with their staff to boost Scotland’s recycling efforts.

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