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Viridor Plastics Recycling Facility shortlisted for National Recycling Awards

07th April 2017

Viridor’s Rochester Plastics Recycling Facility has been shortlisted for the Efficiency Initiative Award in the prestigious MRW National Recycling Awards.

This category recognises those businesses which have applied fresh thinking and reorganised operations to make them more efficient.  The winner will be announced on 28 June at an awards dinner in London.


Viridor’s Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) in Rochester was opened in 2014. It uses some of the most advanced materials-sorting technology available and the £12.5m facility is capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of mixed plastics each year.


Licensed to operate 24 hours a day, the facility is a vital part of Viridor’s fleet of recycling facilities but, to remain competitive in a challenging recyclate market, the team implemented an energy efficiency programme which has seen energy bills reduced by 67% and production increase by more than 50 tonnes per day at no additional cost.


Energy usage information is now available to the site team in real time, enabling them to respond when a spike in usage points to a problem involving a piece of equipment at the plant.


Commenting on the new approach, Jeremy Blake, Operations Manager, said: “Being able to immediately see the energy efficiency benefits of something as simple as cleaning a belt on a piece of equipment, where the energy usage has started to increase, gives an added sense of achievement and productivity.


“We get live energy readings wherever we are so are able to constantly monitor how the plant is operating.  The live feedback and team engagement means we keep improving.”

Another original element to the programme was incorporating an active triad management approach and changing when and how the plant operates to be more energy efficient.


Operational schedules and employee working patterns now ensure the facility consumes virtually no power during peak periods when energy tariffs are at their highest, with equipment maintenance, staff training and cleaning now delivered in a  more timely manner with energy efficiency in mind.

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