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New direction for Viridor’s Resource Management division

15th March 2017

Viridor Resource Management’s new Managing Director Keith Trower, who joined the company in August 2015, has brought in a team of specialists as part of his vision to re-energise VRM’s focus on selling recycled materials to the UK, Europe and world markets.

VRM is the arm of business dedicated to obtaining value from recycling with an in-house trading division which uses its tools and relationships to sell recycled materials around the world.

His immediate portfolio involved a review of Energy Recovery residues and establishing long term partnerships ensuring 100% recycling solutions. This was followed by leading a review of the future Viridor glass strategy, identifying what investments are appropriate in the context of Viridor’s supply chain and market requirements.

Keith Trower, VRM Managing Director

Keith said this vision was based on a VRM team delivering excellent customer service, a “customer-led” focus led by VRM traders who would articulate customer requirements with a view to translating into future quality and product projects.

This investment of category-specific team members has already paid dividends with new partnerships in polymers, glass and recycled paper.

He said future plans included “investment in new technologies including use of web-based freight systems and  iCloud-based platforms to enhance and improve customer service, developing structured partners with third parties, including freight forwarders and shipping lines to support Viridor’s export portfolio while at the same time ensuring excellent account management with UK and European-based customers”.

The company’s high level of knowledge and expertise, coupled with its valuable insight into the manufacturing industry, led to its total volume of materials recycled increasing to more than 600,000 tonnes in 2016 despite the current economic climate and downturn in recyclate prices.

Keith, who spent 18 years trading oil and gas with BP and has led teams in the energy, insurance and financial services sectors and professional standards bodies, has made the following appointments:

  • Richard Crump, the former Head of Trading,  becomes Head of International, with specific responsibility for recycled paper.
  • Aaron Williamson, Commercial Manager, Recycled Paper.
  • Ian Porter: Trading Manager, Polymers.
  • Thalia Bofiliou: Commercial Markets Analyst.
  • Richard Jenkins: Commercial Manager, Metals, a new appointment taking over from Richard Crump.
  • Ruby Rose, Transport Co-ordinator, Operations team.

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