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Chinese delegation visit Viridor’s Newhouse glass recycling centre

26th July 2017

Viridor has hosted a visit from a high-level Chinese delegation at its £25m Newhouse glass recycling centre in Scotland – one of Europe’s most advanced facilities.

The visit was to allow the Guangdong delegation to tour a Mogensen-built glass recycling plant and learn about the recycling infrastructure in place in Scotland from collection to processing.

Paul Brown, Viridor’s Managing Director of Recycling and Integrated Assets, said the team was delighted to host the delegation.

 He said: “This enabled the Recycling & Integrated Assets and Viridor Management Team to showcase how a state-of-the-art glass processing facility operates and the range of experience Viridor has trading in quality recycled commodities internationally.”

Brown added Monday’s visit was a great opportunity to demonstrate the innovation and talent within Viridor.

Viridor Resource Management Managing Director Keith Trower said Viridor Resource Management was building a network of relationships in China and welcomed the opportunity to meet  representatives from the Foshan Environmental Protection Bureau Guangdong, the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Environmental Science, Guangdong Environmental Protection Department Division of Planning and Finance, and Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Centre, along with Allgaier Process Technology Gmbh (Morgessen), which selected Viridor glass recycling plant to demonstrate their glass processing technology.

He said: “There was a good exchange of ideas around the table, especially around the supply chain, the importance of an effective collection capability and the role of customers of glass plants to support recycling.

“VRM is delighted to have made these contacts given the current agenda with regard to environmental concerns over recycled paper processing by mills in China and the debate over the quality of imported recycled paper in which Viridor meets international standards.”

Allgaier Process Technology Gmbh (Morgessen) Managing Director  Dr Cord Schmidthals said the delegation’s visit had been arranged because China was seeking to improve its recycling system.

He added: “This process is strongly supported by the Chinese administration and there is a clear need for sophisticated technologies to cope with the present challenges to implement respective recycling plants.”

In a presentation led by Brown and Trower, the delegation learnt about the range of material Viridor processes  – glass, plastics, paper and card, WEEE, food and organics and general waste – and, in particular, the state-of-the-art two fully colour sorting glass reprocessing facilities at Newhouse in Scotland and Sheffield in England.

The group heard how Newhouse – the UK’s most advanced glass recycling centre- recovers up to 97% of input materials, achieving up to 99% product purity and generating a high quality recycled product for remelt.

Trower told the delegation that Viridor recycled around 3.8 million tonnes of material each year with VRM, the company’s in-house trading division, primarily focusing on four commodities – glass, plastics, metal and paper.

Watch a video from the visit here.

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