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Viridor completes sale of Whitehead landfill

27th October 2015

Viridor has completed the sale and transfer of its Whitehead landfill restoration, Wigan, to commercial property developer, NPL Group.

The Whitehead site, located on the Wigan / Salford border of Greater Manchester, was utilised as a strategic residual waste facility by the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority. The site was later mothballed in response to enhanced recycling and reduced waste inputs.

The sale and transfer of the site is in line with company strategy to realise value from the landfill asset base. Landfill and landfill gas generation contributed £51.2m EBITDA in 2014/15. From twenty-one sites in 2014/15, the business will manage down its landfill business to hold three strategic sites by 2020. Closed landfills will continue to produce landfill gas and the business will focus on realising value through both internal and external solutions.

Commenting on the sale and transfer, Chris Jonas, Director of Business Development for Viridor, said:

“Whilst recognising the contribution of modern, engineered landfill as both a secure residual waste disposal option and as a the pioneer of British renewable energy in its day, a firm focus on recycling and investment in energy recovery is hastening an end to its legacy use.

“That said, Viridor’s landfill asset base presents significant opportunities for the business, both internally and through the release of some sites for commercial development. The sale and transfer of Whitehead is good news for both Viridor and the local community which can look forward to the longer-term development of the land with NPL Developments.”

Mr. Simon Towers, Managing Director, NPL Group, added:

“We are delighted to have completed this transaction with Viridor and are looking forward to working with Wigan and Salford Councils to determine appropriate afteruses for this large site. We will bring some positive ideas for employment generation to those discussions.”

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