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The summer of compost

26th September 2014

After what has been a pretty good summer weather wise, we’re now moving into one of my favourite times of year; autumn. Longer evenings mean that I’m more inclined to get home from work at a sensible time, rather than try to fit in the gym and do the weekly (or daily) shop post 5pm and ultimately eat dinner at 9pm. The TV starts to get good again in the run up to Christmas (undoubtedly the Strictly/X Factor battle will be as fierce as ever) and roast dinners and stews replace salads on menus. Bliss.

Having worked in the recycling and waste management industry for nearly five years I’m still finding out new things. This focus of the summer for me was definitely compost. I’m lucky in my job (as northern region communications manager) that I get to meet new people all the time and learn about all of the different parts of our business. The commonly overused phrase ‘no two days are ever the same’ really is true for me. When I was asked to assist my colleagues in the Recycle for Greater Manchester team at the Tatton Park flower show in August, it was another perk of the job (even better when it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year). What I didn’t realise was that it would be the start of a very busy month telling people all about our fantastic Revive Compost. Having experienced first hand at Tatton Park what people who were already using Revive Compost in Manchester thought about it, I knew that we needed to tell more people about it.

To give you some background, Revive Compost is a PAS 100 accredited peat-free compost which is made from household garden waste (what I’ve been putting into my green bin for years). In Greater Manchester Viridor processes this green waste in its In Vessel Composting (IVC) facilities for six weeks and then leaves it to mature for 6-8 months before they sell it back at facilities across Greater Manchester and also at some garden centres (we’re looking for more places to stock it so get in touch if you’d like to know more). We also sell it direct to gardeners, allotment associations and local authorities amongst others. It’s been used in award winning gardens at Chelsea , Tatton Park , Hampton Court and Southport Flower Shows and the reviews have been fantastic. So you start to see where, as a PR person, I start to get excited!


Following that day at Tatton Park, we quickly organised a stand at Southport Flower Show for just a few weeks later and joined forces with the North West Allotment Association who created an amazing (and again award winning) display using Revive Compost. Next was the trade show Four Oaks and we also sponsored Dig the City in Manchester to promote urban gardening. We’ve spoken to journalists, bloggers and tweeters and hope to keep up the emphasis going into the next year.

So I hope you will look forward to lots of news stories, award applications (and hopefully wins) and seeing more of us at events going forward. And if you’ve tried our compost please let us know what you think.

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