Our purpose and values

Our Purpose

We're bringing resources to life and we do that by not letting ‘waste’ go to waste. Instead, we transform it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy. That’s sustainability in action.

We aim to recycle and recover every kilogramme of what society throws away and requires us to safely manage. We give materials new life by producing something essential from what is discarded by others – from quality raw materials for new products, to vital energy to power our homes and our businesses.

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Our Values 


Employees are trusted and empowered to make good decisions, investors and shareholders can trust us with their money and communities see us as a trusted partner.  


People are clear about their responsibilities and the expectations made of them. Communities can rely on us to keep our promises and work in their interest. Stakeholders have confidence in the way we run our business. 


We'll work together, internally and externally, to drive growth across the group, working with local authorities to make a positive difference and with regulators to improve our performance and industry standing. 


As teams, we'll always look for more efficient processes in our day-to-day work. For our customers, we'll endeavour to develop innovative products and solutions to help make life better. For our stakeholders and investors, we'll always strive for better performance.