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Heartbroken woman reunited with £3,000 engagement ring she binned by mistake

07th November 2019

A heartbroken woman has thanked Viridor staff after they hunted through piles of rubbish to find the £3,000 engagement ring she had binned by mistake.

Four hours after visiting the tip at Five Lanes recycling centre Caldicot, Jo Carter realised she had lost her prized possession among 15 black bins.

Despite fearing all was lost she asked Viridor staff at the household waste recycling site to see if they could find her prized possession.

And to Jo's delight the ring was found after two workers spent four hours searching through hundreds of bags in order to find it.

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Jo said: "It has huge sentimental value and is also very expensive and not insured.

"This morning two amazing human beings trawled through hundreds of bags to find it. Their kindness and good hearts have had me in tears.

"I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much to two of your amazing employees Rhys and Darren, they deserve so much recognition and praise for this!"

Viridor runs the recycling site for Monmouthshire County Council.


Jo said she doesn't normally wear the ring because it is too big.

Instead she kept it on an old candle in her bathroom.

When the candle went in the bin, her ring went with it.

"I don't normally wear it - it's too big," she told the BBC.

"I've lost 10 stone since I had it and haven't worn it for a

 long time. It was at my mother's for years, but she gave it back to me a few months ago."

"In the evening it dawned on me. I said to my husband 'Oh my God, it's in the candle, I've binned the candle'," she added.

"By the time I realised, the tip had shut. My husband called last night and they said they couldn't promise but to show up in the morning.

"In all honesty I didn't think they'd find it, I spent most of the evening crying."


When Jo's husband Craig turned up at Five Lanes the following morning he, Rhys and Darren got to work.

"Craig knew which bag it was in because it had all the things from the bathroom cupboard," Mrs Carter said.

"When they found that bag they carefully put all the contents out.

"I'm going to give it back to my mum - she's more sensible."

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